Legal Firm Law Marketing Software You Need To Know About

“Firm law marketing software” is a keyword that is being searched at search engines 76 times per month at this writing. This means people are probably looking for attorney marketing software by using this search term.

Firm law marketing software is an awkward phrase. Let’s see if I can address what people may be looking for in searching using this phrase.

If you are searching under this term, you are probably looking for the software to use in the attorney marketing process. If that is the case, what you need the most is what is often called “contact management software” in marketing circles.

Contact Management Software

The two major types of contact management software used by non-lawyers are ACT by Symantec and Goldmine by Front Range Solutions. This type of software is used for:

  • document management
  • automating the sales process
  • website integration of the sales process

large e-mail campaign attorney marketing management (budgeting, forecasting results, sales management, profitability analysis)

Do you need one of these? Probably not if you are using “front-end” software I spoke of earlier while discussing other major lawyer resources in software. Please visit that page if you want to review more good material on law practice management software.

Another possibility for firm law marketing software would be one that helps you create a law firm marketing plan. If that’s the case you’ll find good information on this website by visiting my page devoted to your law firm marketing plan.

E-Mail Marketing Software

It could be that you are interested in bulk email marketing software or mass email attorney marketing (here we are talking tens of thousands up to millions of emails). If this is what you’re looking for, I suggest you search under these more specific terms since there are many choices for sure. But read on first.

If you have a good lawyer specific case management software, you may be able to use it for large e-mailing projects, certainly, in the thousands, I would think. You definitely can use ACT by Symantec or Goldmine by Front Range Solutions for mass e-mail projects up to almost any size. So you may not need mass e-mail marketing software after all!

Size Up Your Software Needs

Another good way to size up your legal firm law marketing software needs is to hire a legal consultant. Find out directly what you need to know about your attorney’s marketing software demands through the expertise of law firm consulting.