What are the amazing benefits of cardamom essential oil?

L ‘ essential oil of cardamom is extracted from the dried pods of cardamom: it’s a healthy and versatile oil, jam packed with benefits.

Cardamom is a spice used primarily for the preparation of broths and is a staple food of Asian cuisine.

These small pods contain seeds that have a strong, almost mint flavor. The fragrance is strong enough and is chewed to eliminate halitosis .

In some Asian and Middle Eastern cultures it is referred to as the spice queen and boasts many health benefits that you need to know.

Cardamom essential oil: Benefits for human health
# 1. Relieves colds
Cardamom essential oil is one of the most effective home remedies to treat colds and flu .

Helps calm the symptoms associated with viruses and seasonal infections.

Its chemical composition gives healing properties that help relieve the respiratory tract.

Steam with a few drops of cardamom essential oil can effectively relieve flu symptoms.

#2. Eliminate halitosis
The chemical composition of cardamoms exudes a cooling sensation similar to mint. This composition is useful for maintaining oral health: the aroma of cardamom can help free the breasts and eliminate halitosis.

A few drops of essential oil added to the toothpaste will ensure fresh breath throughout the day.

# 3. Blood circulation
Cardamom has a warming effect on the body and facilitates adequate blood circulation . Inhalation of vapors helps to regulate oxygen throughout the body and increases the absorption of nutrients into the blood.

# 4. Energizing effects
Cardamom can help increase energy levels , helping to awaken the body and mind, especially in the morning.

It increases concentration and keeps the mind awake. Cardamom essential oil has a very positive effect on energy levels and relieves mood .

# 5. Antispasmodic properties
Cardamom essential oil has antispasmodic properties that help calm spasms related to premenstrual syndrome and cough.

This ingredient is healthy for the brain and helps keep the nerves calm.

Studies conducted to understand the effects of cardamom on seizures have validated the thesis that essential oil is beneficial for the care of asthmatic patients.

# 6. Antimicrobial
Cardamom essential oil helps fight bacteria in the oral cavity, preventing tooth decay.

Cardamom fights infections and can help prevent the effects of bacteria that cause colds and viral fevers.

# 7. Healthy metabolism
Metabolism is the chemical process by which the body breaks down food and generates muscles and cells. It is essential that the body functions properly.

Cardamom has a very positive effect on the metabolism , as it helps the body maintain the correct metabolism, facilitating excretion, circulation and peristaltic movement.